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Naissance de Rebecca à l'ère des tourments

For Marie-Claire Blais, the interior monologue translates far more than the subtleties of her characters’ consciousness. It goes well beyond the individual to transform itself into the voice of all human kind in the throes of either pleasure or suffering. Marie-Claire Blais reintroduces some of the characters we first met in her 1995 novel Soifs (Those Festive Nights). In stark contrast to her previous novels, where the world is a vast arena in which good battles evil, this combat takes place in the mind of each of her characters. As only a great artist can, Marie-Claire Blais shows us that shadows are indissociable from light, life and death, that with every birth, it’s the very future of the World that is being played out. 

Her style has acquired a new, buoyant, electrifying rhythm. Music and dance translate the inexhaustible thrust of life, an irresistible rhythm, like a beating heart, the heart of the world.

Parution : 22 avril 2008, 304 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764605783
Code barre : 9782764605783

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