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L’Acquittement (Atonement)

Atonement, winner of the 1998 Montreal Book Award, Louis Bapaume returns to Saint-Aldor to make amends twenty years after being chased out of the tiny village. Over the course of one bright winter solstice, Bapaume confronts old neighbours and villagers, and encounters haunting figures he does not recognize. But there’s only one person he seeks: the twin girl he taught to read music and to whom he wishes to atone.
In reality, Bapaume’s search for forgiveness ends at the moment of his heartbreakingly pathetic confession. But in memory and fantasy, his search gains resonance as the counterpoint tale of a wife and a son and of obsession and pride emerges and sweeps us into the snowy mindscape of his journey.
A captivating and suspenseful examination of guilt—how we carry it, how it motivates us, and how it defines us—
Atonement is an intricate, disquieting novel in which the line between reality and dream shifts in the swirling storm of one man’s conscience.

(Text: House of Anansi Press)

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Parution : 15 octobre 1997, 128 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782890528574
Code barre : 9782890528574

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