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L'Or blanc

L'enfant des drailles 2

L’Or blanc (White Gold) The wind blows as the snow billows. Gilles is lost in a storm. He is on a mission, under orders from his seigneur, to locate the lost salt shipments that haven’t been delivered to the castle. L’Or blanc is set in the Middle Ages, in the South of France which has just been annexed by the kingdom of the North. Gilles’ quest will take him from a hidden fortress kept by the Knights of the Temple to the vaults of the archbishop of Lodève, while passing through the house of a rabbi and that of an alchemist. Will he succeed before famine takes its terrible toll? In this sequel to À l’ombre du bûcher, the reader will once again have the pleasure of following the adventures of Gilles and Alaïs.

Parution : 15 novembre 2002, 138 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764602157
Code barre : 9782764602157
Collection : Boréal Inter
Numéro : 36

9.95 $   /   9.50€

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