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Le Cinéma québécois

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Quebec Cinema

Although the American film industry continues to increase its domination of international markets, Quebec continues to resist just as staunchly. In fact, in 2004, Quebec-made films accounted for 14 % of the local market, which is both a remarkable performance and a veritable exception in the Western world.
In this introduction/synthesis, Marcel Jean examines the Quebec film industry through its films and filmmakers. Le Cinéma québécois is, just as its title suggests, an essay on Quebec cinema and not an essay on cinema in Quebec. Although this book takes an essentially aesthetic and thematic look at films produced in Quebec, critical and public reception of the films are also examined.

Parution : 14 septembre 2005, 128 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764604151
Code barre : 9782764604151
Collection : Boréal express
Numéro : 2

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