“Anti-globalization,” “alter-globalization” or “movement for world justice”: the “movement of all movements,” deeply entrenched in national politics worldwide and sustained by countless transnational connections, represents a powerful platform and bulwark against the decades-old neo-liberal ideology and policies that protesters view as exceedingly unfair and harmful for an extensive segment of the population. This is a vast and complex movement, as can be seen from its actions, practices, organizations, and discourses. It is a critical force that carries multiple ideals, hopes, and often contradictory projects.

The book focuses on the alter-globalization movement and reviews its strengths and weaknesses. It presents the essential issues that lead to a fuller understanding of the movement and that feed debate about it – issues such as its pluralistic and contradictory political nature and its pursuit of an enduring ideal: justice.     

Parution : 3 mars 2009, 128 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764606445
Code barre : 9782764606445
Collection : Boréal express
Numéro : 24

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