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Dans le ventre du cachalot

Les Petits pirates 6

Not only did Jean de Louragan inherit a frigate named the Marabout from his father, the dreaded pirate Suzor de Louragan, but also a map leading to the treasure of all treasures. Braving the terrors of the Eighth Sea with his fearless child crew, he sails from island to island in a wild search.

This time, however, our heroes don’t cast anchor near an island, they are swallowed up by a whale. And of course we all know that a certain old man and his wooden puppet went through the same ordeal. And, as a matter of fact, the two are still trapped there and forced to share their lodgings with an unwelcome guest, a gigantic tapeworm. The Little Pirates will need every once of courage they can muster to save both themselves and their unfortunate companions.

Illustrateur : Samuel Parent
Parution : 8 avril 2008, 56 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764605899
Code barre : 9782764605899
Collection : Boréal Maboul
Numéro :

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