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La Forêt vive

Récits fondateurs du peuple innu

Sailing into the Caribbean in October 1492, Christopher Columbus was convinced that he had arrived at the doorstep of what had once been the Great Khan’s kingdom. And what if Columbus wasn’t as wrong as we have always thought ? What if Eurasia didn’t stop at the Western shore of the Pacific but embraced both Americas in it’s sphere of influence ? That is exactly what Rémi Savard is suggesting in his study of four traditional Innu myths of creation. Transcribed in the early seventies, these four marvellous tales describe the creation of the world as told by the Innu, an Algonquin tribe living in the northernmost part of Quebec. They recount the adventures of Tshakapesh, who learns to separate night from day, life from death, animals from men, the sky from the earth, hunters from their prey. Beyond poetry and fantasy — that is to say beyond that which is most obvious to the untrained reader — these myths were meant to play a fundamental role in the cultures which bore them, cultures which have evolved without the use of the written word. Myths, which for mnemonic reasons often take the form of astonishing or humorous stories, are not merely an expression of a culture’s imagination, they serve as a means of transmitting the wisdom of a people, explaining the world and the fundamental rules of life and society. Though founding narratives are a classic form unto themselves, we are generally only familiar with those upon which Western culture was built (the legend of Gilgamesh, the book of Genesis, etc.). Rémi Savard allows us to discover long-ignored myths which belong among the treasures of our world heritage. In this fascinating study, the author traces the obvious resemblances between Algonquin cosmology and the Eurasian cosmologies which held sway before the tidal wave of Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam swept them away.

Parution : 14 octobre 2004, 222 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764603277
Code barre : 9782764603277

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« Plus que de simples légendes indiennes, ces récits constituent ni plus ni moins qu'une genèse de la création du monde, tel que le perçoivent les Innus. »
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