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Un grand fleuve si tranquille

The main character in this novel is the Saint Lawrence river itself, a force both feared and admired. Water runs through the entire book.
The story unfolds on a small island called l’Île-aux-cerises (Cherry Island) where Lulu spends her summer vacation. It’s the 1950s, only a few kilometres away from Montreal.
Each year, Lulu awaits her summer vacation as though it were a dream : she loves her grand-parents’ home, the garden, the hours spent swimming, the walks with her cousins and her friends. She loves the mysterious all-mightiness of the river. That summer she’ll find out what everyone on the island already knows : though the river is a source of life, it can also be deadly. Lulu will discover how her father drowned, a revelation which coincides with her coming of age and a dramatic change in her relationship with her mother, her family and the Saint-Lawrence river.
A beautiful and intimate text. A supple style, rich with sensations, colours and smells.

Parution : 15 septembre 2003, 216 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764602690
Code barre : 9782764602690
Collection : Boréal Inter
Numéro : 38

10.95 $   /   9.50€

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