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Le Grand Péril blanc

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Christophe’s tiny little friends (the Tordus) have always shied away from playing in the snow. But how can they pass up the opportunity to go outside on such a lovely March day? Finding a bunch of winter doll clothes just their size, Christophe succeeds in convincing them to go outside and help him build a house out of snow.They’re all having a glorious time until the Tordus give Christophe the slip. Where have they gone? Christophe doesn’t dare move for fear he’ll crush them. Are they caught in the snow and unable to move? Christophe’s unease becomes full-blown panic when his mean old teacher, Mrs. Bellet, shows up with her big feet and her huge dog… We may share Christophe’s fear but it’s hard to keep from laughing.

Illustrateur : Marc Mongeau
Parution : 8 avril 2008, 56 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764605875
Code barre : 9782764605875
Collection : Boréal Maboul
Numéro :

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