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Écrits divers 1961-2005

Off-camera 1961-2005

Over the past forty years, Denys Arcand has a created a body of work which has distinguished itself as one of the most compelling and original in contemporary cinema. Though he may have devoted the greater part of his energy as a writer and thinker to the task of making films, he never stopped publishing here and there, whenever he had the time, all kinds of pieces, sometimes to explain his actions, sometimes to make a public statement, sometimes simply to evoke the people and things that had touched him. They range from the militant articles of Parti pris, at the beginning of the sixties, to the more or less official speeches brought on by his recent success, an historiographical study of the 1837 Rebellion, a commentary on a film describing the discovery of America, thoughts on the relationship between cinema, history and literature, his impressions of Cannes, praise for discipline in sport, or bitter-sweet musings about the filmmaking profession. Assembled in a single volume, these incidental works, written for the most part to fill a particular request, bring out, despite the varied subject matter, the continuity of thought, the sensibility and the style of an eminently personal and important voice. That is what we might call Denys Arcand’s off-camera voice.

Parution : 12 octobre 2005, 196 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764603987
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