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Oh, les tordus !

Tordus tout court 1

Oh! the Nitwits!

In this first installment of the Nitwits, Christopher Thomas finds himself in a fair measure of trouble at school, none of which is his own fault. Even with the best intentions, the Nitwits just seem to get everything wrong!

A little over a year ago, five tiny little men appeared under Christopher Thomas’s pillow. They’ve lived in a shoebox under his bed ever since. As soon as he saw them, he knew what he should call them. They looked as if they were just waiting to pull some silly trick on him!
And practical jokes… Goodness! have they been busy. But Christopher can never find it in himself to be angry. More than anything else the Nitwits are kind, funny, surprising and generous, everything you could hope for in a friend. And there are five of them! Christopher really is very lucky to have five good friends living in his very own bedroom. And what’s more, because of their size, they can hide anywhere. Christopher’s parents don’t believe in their existence though, they simply take pride in thinking that their son has too much imagination.

Illustrateur : Marc Mongeau
Parution : 28 septembre 2005, 56 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764604021
Code barre : 9782764604021
Collection : Boréal Maboul
Numéro :

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