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À l'ombre du bûcher

L'enfant des drailles 1

À l’ombre du bûcher (In the shadow of the funeral-pyre)

Gilles’ mother has been captured and condemned to be burnt at the stake. Her crimes: sorcery and the practice of a forbidden religion. Gilles will attempt to save her with the help of Alaïs, the chatelaine Beatrice’s daughter. His mission is not a simple one. In order to succeed, he must first free himself from the clutches of a terrible knight. Surprisingly, the knight, who is not who he first seems to be, will aid Gilles in his quest.
À l’ombre du bûcher is an historical novel in which young readers will discover the world of the Cathars through the adventures of two very different young people: Gilles, a peasant who believes in justice, and Alaïs, the care-free daughter of the chatelaine.

Parution : 15 novembre 2001, 156 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764601167
Code barre : 9782764601167
Collection : Boréal Inter
Numéro : 33

10.95 $   /   9.50€

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