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Le Siècle de Jeanne

Alexandre is a writer. At the age of fifty, his past is strewn with tumultuous love relationships. We find him in Paris, waiting for Clara, his girlfriend, who won’t be coming. His thoughts turn to Jeanne, his granddaughter, who will reveal a truth to him which he has always known but had forgotten: childhood is the one true place we can call home. He will owe much to Jeanne when at last, reconciled with himself, he enters into a new century of his life, appeased, delivered from the shadows by her light.

Like in any true novel, this one tells the story of a conflict, one both tender and heartrending between people who love each other, between a man, himself and time, a fight against ever-threatening death. Paradoxically the battle is one in which the hero refuses to fight, and victory, if it is at all possible, is achieved when the hero, having laid down his arms, understands that he must abandon himself to all that resists, transports, seeks to destroy and save him. Only then, finally, can he measure his exact place in the world and the world’s place within him.

Written in admirable prose, this novel is an existential, moral and aesthetic discovery. It is also, in a certain way, a struggle with the form itself, pushed here to its limit, in which the differences between prose, poetry and non-fiction are indestinguishable.

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Parution : 6 avril 2005, 408 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764603215
Code barre : 9782764603215

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