Soifs (These Festive Nights) This novel from celebrated writer Marie-Claire Blais won the Governor General’s Award for French fiction in 1996, when it was originally published under the title Soifs. Critics around the world hailed it as a tour de force, comparing Blais with such literary greats as Virginia Woolf, Dante, Sophocles, and Shakespeare. A sun-drenched paradise in the Gulf of Mexico surrounded by the glimmering blue sea; Renata is convalescing on this island poised between two worlds: between great wealth and extreme poverty, between the past and an uncertain future, between the beauty of the world and the horrors of history. During her time here, Renata becomes tormented by thirst—for justice, for pleasure, for intoxication—while all around her, festivities are going on in joint celebration of the birth of baby Vincent and the end of the twentieth century. Over the course of three days and three nights a flock of characters assembles: wealthy, poor, writers, artists facing their own mortality, children immersed in innocent games, young men dying of Aids, refugees, the Ku Klux Klan—an entire spectrum of humanity is depicted in the grip of doubt and suffering. In this swirling, baroque fresco, Marie-Claire Blais captures the essence of our apocalyptic age, rendering it in powerfully evocative prose. (Text: House of Anansi Press Limited)

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Parution : 15 octobre 1995, 320 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782890527188
Code barre : 9782890527188

24.95 $

Ce que la presse en dit

"One of the most distinctive and original living writers of fiction."
The New Yorker, 2019

"The novel is visceral; it is felt as well as imagined. Blais’s prose creates a physical stirring, messes with balance, upends, and spreads, circling and expanding, vertiginous and propulsive."
Lisa Moore, Novelist

« Rarement un roman a collé aussi parfaitement à son époque que ces Soifs que nous offre Marie-Claire Blais. »
Le Point

« Marie-Claire Blais publie son dix-huitième roman, le premier volume d’une œuvre monumentale, visionnaire, essentielle, riche fresque de la fin du siècle. » Raymond Bertin, Voir

« Ce Soifs éblouissant et  apocalyptique m’apparait comme « le » grand roman de la littérature québécoise. » Dominique Tessier, Lettres québécoises

« Une pièce marquante, dans une œuvre visionnaire (...) Soifs est une fresque de l’Amérique tantôt sordide, tantôt attendrissante, peuplée d’êtres fragiles, angoissés, qui regorgent d’espoir un moment, désespèrent la minute d’après. » Micheline Lachance, L’Actualité

« Marie-Claire Blais signe ici un roman bouleversant, taillé d’un seul tenant. (...) Le pari était audacieux ; la réussite n’en est que plus éclatante. » Guy Cloutier, Le Magazine littéraire

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