In Constanta, as you descend toward the port, surrounded by the smell of kebabs, you pass in front of cheap bistros, strip clubs, a mosque which echoes with the sound of prayer. You can see the Black Sea shining in the distance at the end of a windy alley. Under your feet still rests the ancient Greek city of Tomis, its stones eaten away by salt and burned by the sun waiting to break through the surface.

That is where the lovers Alexandru and Anda have agreed to meet. Between the father and the daughter a tragedy as old as the world itself is being played out, a curse called down upon a bloodline which will devour itself, a curse which knows no boundaries, not murder, not damnation.

Irina Egli renders wonderfully the strange light which bathes the Dobroudja coast. Her characters —the venomous Anda, Ioana the actrice, Vera the woman scorned, Ahoé the drunken poet, Sonia who has seen it all—could only have come to life in a land steeped in history such as Romania. They have come from Transylvania or from elsewhere, without knowing why, fleeing before war or pressed by fear, taking with them little more than their family stories and a few yellowed photographs.
They are small-time traffickers living on poetry, wine and despair.

In extraordinarily evocative prose, Irina Egli gives life to the tormented figure of Alexandru, a man lost in his own desert, constantly questioning the faces of the women he loves, which like so many sphinxes refuse to give him some sense of his purpose.

This, Irina Egli’s first novel, written directly in French, brings together an astonishing world and a storyteller of rare talent.

Parution : 10 janvier 2006, 248 pages
ISBN-13 : 9782764604250
Code barre : 9782764604250

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